Menu à la Carte

Carpaccio of Chianina beef served with mesclun salad
Cold cuts & Cheese selection from Bettona
Butternut squash soup with black truffles from Norcia
Poached egg with “cacciotta” cheese foam from Bettona
Middle courses
Etruscan soup made of chickpeas, barley and spelt served with steamed shrimp
Agnolotti pasta stuffed with Porcini mushrooms, served with butter and sage
Umbriam strangozzi pasta with meat sauce of Chianina
Main courses
Salted codfish cooked in a low temperature, served with creamed potatoes and tomato sauce
Grilled lamb served with spinach
Veal steak served with mesclun salad
Shank of pork braised in Bettona’s red wine and served with soft potato
Florentine steak served with grilled vegetables
Cream dessert panna cotta with wild berries
Light strudel with pistachio nut sauce
Sliced pineapple
Chocolate pie stuffed with melting chocolate, served with english cream